February 24, 2015
Just wanted to leave a review about purchasing my new Ford Flex about a month or so ago... Wayne was amazing on getting what I want even though the Snow Storm was about to start and making the whole experience very easy from beginning to end. I was out the dealership in an hour and finally was able to purchase my dream car...

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January 20, 2015
Hi Guys another visit to Stoneham ford with my 2012 mustang GT for go fast parts and mechanic Mark Henriksen .Again hit it out of the park what a great mechanic also you couldn't meet a nicer gentlemen.!!!!!!!!!!! On another note I have the pleasure of meeting there service advisor Bill Campbell on a few occasions and let me tell you what a nice man a real gentleman he goes above and beyond to make sure all your needs are met so again thank you Mark and Bill..!!!!!!!!!!!!Sincerely DEWEY SYLV

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September 19, 2014
From the minute I walked in the door at Stoneham Ford until I took delivery of my 2013 Ford Explorer the experience was second to none. I have purchased several vehicles from dealers large and small and this was by far the best experience to date. Bryan Meuse explained the product and guided me through the process like a pro. Doug Prentice was fantastic with the pricing and financing of the vehicle. I will definitely visit Stoneham Ford again.

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September 05, 2014
The staff at Stoneham Ford was professional, courteous and very knowledgeable. I went to several dealers and did not feel that I was being treated fairly. In closing Rich Silvestri made me feel comfortable about the choice I made.

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July 14, 2014
My husband bought his F150 from Rich Silvestri about a year ago and had nothing but great things to say about how personable and knowledgeable he was so when it was time for me to get into a new car we called Rich. I had my doubts, all Salesmen are created equal. We called on Saturday to let him know we were on our way down to look at the Escape Titanium. When we arrived he had the car out front running with the air conditioner on as it was a hot and humid day. We got in the car and my best exp

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July 10, 2014
I went in to Stoneham Ford after visiting / talking with several other dealerships and it's no surprise that I had to look no further. I had spoken with Lisa Canha via email during the day and she was incredibly personable and responsive to my inquiries. My contact with her is what initially made me decide to go into Stoneham Ford. When I went in, I started speaking with Rich Silvestri. I told him I was interested in the Fiesta and he quickly got everything together so that I could go on a t

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June 25, 2014
Bryan Muse and his sales manager provide honest feedback and information ad no hassle and made me feel great about my purchase, recommend Stoneham Ford to everyone ,

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May 26, 2014
Rich Silvestri was the best sales person i ever ran into. No pressure sales and very knowledgeable in his field. I will be returning to that dealership in the future.

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May 21, 2014
Just picked up my brand new Explorer yesterday. Stoneham Ford and more specifically, RICH SILVESTRI, were outstanding to deal with. This was my first car buying experience I did completely on my own (without a parent or anyone to do all the leg work for me). This was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Rich was very informative and patient. No pressure at all! I highly recommend asking for Rich if you are interested in purchasing a Ford vehicle.

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April 14, 2014
Stoneham Ford is the place to buy a new Ford. And Brian Flaherty is a top notch salesman. No pressure, I told him what I wanted, we made the deal and I picked up my new truck the next day. The best experience I've had buying a vehicle!\ A1+++++

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this was the best sales experience i have ever had with a car dealer. (my 3rd ford car) i brought my 2006 ford fusion to stoneham for service after the dealer i bought it from screwed it up 3 times in a row. so when a major issue happened it was a no brainer for me where to bring it. unfortunately it needed a major repair almost $1000 and for a 6 year old car with 125k i found myself in the showroom that evening. that is where i met tom. i knew what i wanted and had done my homework. the whole staff was quite receptive to my no BS point of view (i have walked out of other dealers because of this) and i was offered a good price on the trade considering the current condition. they had a price, i had mine and we met in the middle. i was happy and paid a fair price and they made their money everyone was happy. simple as that. the car was not on their lot and since it was late i had to go back the following day to see it (no issue to me i went in late) tom said between 9 and 10 it would be there. he called at 10 just as promised, i happened to have a friend with me at the time (some dealers seem to hate this and i have no clue why) they greeted him professionally and all was good! (he may even buy a truck here when the time is right) i drove it, loved it and finished the paperwork. they promised me at 3:00 it would be ready. i got there at 3 and it was sitting outside waiting for me i drove away very happy in my 2012 fusion! AND they even went above and beyond by taking care of my service bill from the old car and even delivering my snow tires to me! i can't say enough about these guys, top notch! thanks again!

Beverly, MA

Dennis made the purchase of my new car very easy. I have found the dealership to be very straightforward to work with - including a very responsive service dept.

I would recommend them if you are looking for a hassle-free car buying experience.
Lexington, MA

This is my second truck I have bought from Stoneham Ford. My first truck from them was through Doug Prentice, but Brian Flaherty was just as good. I plan on bringing my wife by soon to talk with Stoneham about a new vehicle for her. The truck I bought was used and is a great truck. There is a small noise with the brakes once in awhile and I told Brian and he had an appointment with a rental car for me to take care of the problem. The problem is still not fixed but they are trying to figure it out and I am sure they will, I have all the faith in them. Brian and the rest of the staff were great and are great, I would not go any where else to do business.
Bedford, MA

Overall, I had a pleasant experience with Stoneham Ford. Everyone was very helpful! I appreciate them going the extra mile for me and working with me on the finacial aspect. I believe in buying American made and Ford is America!!!!! I would definately buy again from Stoneham Ford.
Winchester, MA

If you are person looking for a dealership to go to with no hassle, Stoneham Ford is definitely someplace you should visit. The sales representatives are friendly and very helpful. I didn't feel at any point that I was being rushed, pushed, or cheated. I would recommend this dealership without reservation to anyone that is looking to buy a car.
Burlington, MA

On Monday, April 25th. I walked into Stoneham Ford with the intentions of purchasing a 2011 vehicle. I had done some research on-line of the Fiesta. I liked the look of it and have driven by Stoneham Ford numerous times seeing the Fiesta's parked out front and they caught my eye. As I walked in I was greeted by Jeff Towne who welcomed me. I told him that I wanted to test drive the Fiesta sedan. Two days earlier my vehicle was totalled in an auto accident. I test drove the Fiesta sedan and liked it, however what really caught my eye was the magenta color 2011 Fiesta Hatchback SE which was parked out front. Jeff answered all of my questions and had a vivacious personality. He was courteous, professional and did not pressure me into anything. I met with Aram Mooradian who was also professional and we went over some numbers. Less than three hours later, I bought the 2011 Ford Fiesta Hatchback SE! The next day I picked up the vehicle. Jeff showed me the functions of the car, asked if I had any questions and he was extremely genuine. I haev already recommended Stoneham Ford to family, friends and co-workers and I will definitely bring them mu business again.
Boston, MA

I wanted to try out a Fiesta for a week to see how I liked it in my day-to-day driving, and then compare it with the Focus (which had bigger rebates on it). Stoneham's rental division was fair priced and accommodating, and I rented each car. When I made my final decision, I visited 12 Ford dealerships in New England, and I ended up coming back to Stoneham for this reason: I made them an offer (on the new Fiesta and my trade), they countered, we met in the middle at an excellent price, I came in to sign the papers and was greeted by a friendly staff who had all of my paperwork ready to sign, then two days later, my car was prepped, registered, gassed, inspected and ready to go- I took delivery in 15 minutes, was given everything I needed and got a price that nobody could beat. No BS, just good customer service and a fair price for all of us. I'll be referring all my friends who are looking for a Ford to Stoneham. Thank you guys for a great experience!
Boston, MA

Vinny and John worked extremely hard to get financing for my 2011 Escape. They gave me a fair value for my trade and kept working when i had resigned myself to having to wait to get a new vehicle. This was the best vehicle buying experience I have had.
Derry, NH

Stoneham Ford has a quality and knowledgeable staff. they made my purchase easy and financially sound. the staff explained all the new features in my Edge Sport, I have purchased many vehicles from Stoneham Ford as well as all my family members. We feel that our relationship with Stoneham Ford is more than a business transaction.
Woburn, MA

Excellent experience working with Vinnie. Straight forward and no BS. I would definitely go back here for my next car. They took care of everything and were very flexible in working with me and making sure I was happy. Certainly made the process much easier.

Medford, MA

Reason for Visit: Sales (New)

I recommend this dealer: Yes

Employee(s) Dealt With: Bryan Meuse

Bryan was very helpful, and had the answers to all of our questions. if there was something he didn't know he went out of his way to get the answer for us. i would recommend him to anyone i knew looking for a ford vehicle. This has been the easiest and most pleasant vehicle shopping experience we have ever had.

Reason for Visit: Sales (Used)

I recommend this dealer: Yes

Employee(s) Dealt With: Chuck in sales and Tom in service

They were very good in meeting my needs and helping me get the car that I wanted. Also, fixed everything right away. the dealership is great to work with and everyone was very accomadating. definetly would recommend the dealership. They were very good to deal with.

Reason for Visit: Sales (New)

I recommend this dealer: Yes

Employee(s) Dealt With: Jeff Towne, Doug Prentice

From the first moment we walked into the dealership there was a feeling of low pressure and friendliness. Jeff spent a lot of time with us to help locate the right vehicle for us. I had done my homework relative to pricing and Doug, the Sales Manager was reasonable with respect to negotiating a deal that was fair for both parties. The overall experience was low stress and pleasant with respect to other dealerships I have visited. I would highly recommend Stoneham Ford to anyone looking to purchase a new or used vehicle.

Reason for Visit: Sales (New)

I recommend this dealer: Yes

Employee(s) Dealt With: Vinny Mogauro

Vinny was extremly friendly and efficient. WE were always seen in a timley manner. It was a pleasant experience which I expected to be more complicated. The pricing was fair and my brand new vehicle arrived before I knew it. My edge is a great car, and rides like a dream. I would definately recommend Stoneham Ford to all my friends. Thank You

Reason for Visit: Sales (New)

I recommend this dealer: Yes

Employee(s) Dealt With: 2

Purchased a brand new truck. I was immediately helped. Sales associate did not try to upsell and he did not play any waiting games. I was given fair trade in value for my vehicle based on NADA and current market conditions. I was able to drive vehicle without sales associate so I could talk things over with wife. All associates are customer service orientated.... A no nonsense dealership!!

Reason for Visit: Sales (New)

I recommend this dealer: Yes

Employee(s) Dealt With: Chris Rivest and John M.

My experience at Stoneham Ford was the best vehicle buying experience I have ever had. I walked in and was immediately treated with respect. There were no sales tactics, no pressure and a very easy going conversation. Chris Rivest is very professional and courteous. I didn't even have to haggle over my trade in, the agreement of the price was mutual. John M. from financing was also very nice to talk to about my financial options. I would definitely recommend Stoneham Ford anytime. I am happy with my 2010 Ford Escape and I love everything about it.

Reason for Visit: Sales (New)

I recommend this dealer: Yes

Employee(s) Dealt With: Danielle Gagnon, Chris Rivest, John Malkonian, Doug Prentice

I had been searching for a 2009 or 2010 Ford Escape Limited and was having no luck at all with any dealership; all any of them could tell me was that "We have none, we don't know when any more are coming and we don't even know IF any more are coming." I noticed a 2010 Escape, Limited model on the Stoneham Ford online inventory, so I inquired about it through their website. I dealt with Danielle there first, she put me in touch with Chris and he put me into that 2010 Escape.

Because the vehicle had just shipped from the factory when I saw it on the website, it was a little bit of a roller coaster ride since I was trying to go through the Cash for Clunkers program. I knew we might have a problem when Chris asked me to try out a vehicle that was on the lot to ensure I would get in on the incentive - but to his credit, when I declined, he said "Then I guess we'll just have to make this deal work for you." Two weeks later, I drove out of that dealership with my brand new 2010 Ford Escape Limited and I really couldn't be happier. Thanks to Danielle, Chris, John and Doug for making it happen!

Reason for Visit: Sales (New)

I recommend this dealer: Yes

Employee(s) Dealt With: Chris Rivest, Nicole Masson, Aram

I bought a new 2009 Ford Escape from Stoneham Ford using the online Sales information and description of the vehicle. The staff worked hard at negotiating the Cash-for-Clunkers paper work maze and we were able to perform the entire process via email, fax or telephone without ever actually meeting in-person until the vehicle was delivered to me in Vermont. Absolutely true online car shopping. I would do business with Stoneham Ford again in the future. A+.

Reason for Visit: Sales (New)

I recommend this dealer: Yes

Employee(s) Dealt With: Billy Pollack

My Review of Stoneham Ford:
Billy Pollack was extremely helpful with all aspects of the sale. He was a pleasure to work with. He answered every question and made me feel at ease about purchasing the new vehicle. All in All Stoneham Ford is a friendly and great place to but a car from.